On the last day of the Village Elder’s academic year in secondary school there was a bit of time left before the homeroom was to be concluded, and in the space of about 30 minutes did the Village Elder draw a large hippo drawing upon the blackboard. It was filled with hippos doing various sorts of things — waving hello, traveling on their way and some doing absolutely ridiculous things — to which result, as the Village Elder completed the drawing over the full space of the blackboard in that classroom, a friend exclaimed, “Look, it’s Hippoville!” And so the real story of the Hippoville, now with a name, was born.

Rumor has it there is a analog photograph of this very mural drawing but it has never surfaced. These were the days before mobile phones and ubiquitous proliferation of digital cameras.

Note that the published date of this post references the approximate date of the drawing’s creation.