No.3 - The Mustard Comic, page 1

No.3 – The Mustard Comic, page 1

No.4 - The Mustard Comic, page 2

No.4 – The Mustard Comic, page 2

It wasn’t until Hippoville Drawing 37 that the Village Elder started to catalog and number Hippoville drawings sequentially. So, any drawing before 37 and things are rather dicey (and, occasionally, numbers over 37 are missing; it’s happened over the years due to Hippo accounting errors).

Based on date stamp references, the third and fourth Hippoville drawing may have been these two comic pages which were created in the height of freshman year of high school for the Village Elder, aimed at a friend who abandoned us to go to forbidden territory to befriend the senior’s table. While subsequent Hippoville drawings have stayed clear of politics, that doesn’t mean things can get spicy…

Early Hippoville cards were created with pen and paper and Corel Painter and inserted into Microsoft Publisher; many of these digital files have gotten lost or corrupted in the ensuing years. So, if you happen to have the original printed version on paper, count yourself incredibly lucky!